portacasco casco stilo


Helmet bag
Designed to carry one helmet with hans device attached
Constructed of nylon and neoprene






 Codriver rally watch orologio navigatore rally


Codriver rally watch
The first fully functional watch of its kind, and is designed to compliment all the timing functions that a co-driver requires
Designed by Nicky Grist, is easy to set-up and capture, read, store and recall data
Prestart option of next whole minute or user choice in seconds (including instant start)
Dual time of day and stopwatch display with freeze time of day and stopwatch time.
 cappellino cap







Eject system


Eject system
The device is constituted by a small air bladder (to be fitted between the top of the helmet and the EPS) with a small tube
The system can be fitted into any Stilo helmet produced as of 2010
In case of accident, after cutting the chin tether, first responders can inflate the Eject System, lifting the helmet off the driver’s head without moving his neck and therefore reducing neck or spine injuries.